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Questions about the Energy Industry Solutions?

What safety and risk management services do you provide? Is there a charge?

All HEMIC policyholders have value-added, safety services available at no extra cost from our Safety & Risk Management Department. Our Safety consultants can help:

Save Money on Premium

  • With ‘AePay, our pay-as-you-go program
  • Qualify for our Safety Credit Program

Comply with OSHA

  • Develop and customize a workplace safety program based on your industry
  • Provide on-site consultations and walkthroughs including hazard and exposure assessments/surveys
  • Assist with OSHA standards and safety requirements
  • Perform injury and illness trend analysis

Establish Workplace Programs

  • Discuss the value of and assist in developing a Return-to-Work Program
  • Answer questions about drug testing and help institute a Drug-Free Workplace Program

Training, Presentations and Resources

  • Conduct safety training and provide materials specific and relevant to your business
  • Provide Pathway to Safety seminar and webinar series
  • Provide Safety Video Library and Safety Resource Center website

Our goal is to help customers create and maintain a safer workplace and establish a culture of safety. Working together in a meaningful and collaborative way, we can help make safety an integral part of daily business.

How does your Safety Credit Program work?

HEMIC’s Safety Credit Program rewards policyholders who have practices that promote safer workplaces: 

  • Written safety program 
  • Return-to-work program 
  • Drug-free workplace program 
  • Other initiatives that help create safer workplaces 

Non-construction risks can qualify for up to 13% safety credits. Construction risks can qualify for up to 18%. 

Our Safety & Risk Management team are available to all policyholders, to help them develop and implement formal safety programs. 

"Outstanding Service!"

HEMIC Claimant, January 2023

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