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HIMI: A Managing General Agency

Local Expertise & Consulting Services for Hawai‘i Businesses

As a family of companies, our goal is to provide the ultimate solution for Hawai‘i’s business insurance needs. In each company’s realm, we focus on keeping Hawai‘i workplaces safe and productive. 

At HIMI, we offer consulting services to help Hawai‘i employers strengthen and ensure the safety and productivity of their people and the efficacy and security of their administrative and technology systems.  

  • Safety & Risk Management Consultations — our experienced consultants have industry-specific expertise and can provide onsite inspections, safety program development, customized trainings and more for businesses of all sizes.
  • IT Advisory Services — harness the expertise of IT professionals to assess and provide recommendations based on your organization’s goals, challenges or needs. 
  • Cyber Risk Remediation — consulting services to recommend technology, administration and insurance coverage solutions to address your organization's current cyber exposures. 
  • Third-party Administration Services — for employers with outsourced claims who seek to benefit from the HEMIC family of companies' local claim management services and mitigation expertise.
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