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HEMIC Workers’ Compensation

Announcing the HEMIC Safety Suite!

At HEMIC, we look for innovative ways to help our policyholders strengthen their workplaces. Our new HEMIC Safety Suite is an online portal with tools and information to help you create a culture of safety and solve everyday challenges with just a few keystrokes. Available to you at no additional cost, this new offering can save time and money, improve your performance and help protect against losses.

Safety & Risk Management Resources: Protect your workplace with safety programs, industry-specific tools and actionable content. Our Resource Library has thousands of videos, training materials, newsletters, checklists, forms, handouts and much more – all searchable by key phrase to get straight to what you need.

OSHA Compliance Center: Staying in compliance is simple and easy with our Instant OSHA Reporting and Log Maintenance tools, custom OSHA forms, and the latest news from OSHA.

Employee Newsletters: Creating a culture of safety is an ongoing conversation. Our newsletters for employees keep the conversation alive and dynamic.

Learning Management System: Our interactive LMS facilitates employee and manager training with professionally produced training courses.

Community Forum: Tough question? Need a second opinion? Our interactive forum connects you with over 300,000 business owners, safety managers and HR personnel across the country.

HR Toolbox: Strengthen your HR with “builders” for employee handbooks, job descriptions, interviews, employee costs, salary benchmarks, total compensation statements, performance reviews, and federal posters. The HR Assessment tool will help you evaluate your policies and practices to identify areas for improvement.

Compliance Toolkit: Keep up-to-date with health care reform and legislative issues, including ADA, FMLA, HIPAA, and Medicare.

Link Library: Want to go straight to the source? Our link library takes you to trusted industry websites for additional news and reference materials.

HEMIC Safety Suite

Safety & Risk Management Center

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