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HEMIC Workers’ Compensation

Rewarding Safer Workplaces: HEMIC's Safety Credit Program

We value and support policyholders who actively strive to provide a safe workplace for their employees. HEMIC’s Safety Credit Program rewards policyholders for:  

  • Written safety programs  
  • Return-to-work programs  
  • Drug-free workplace programs 
  • And other initiatives that help create safer workplaces  

Employers in the construction industry can qualify for up to 18% credit, while others can qualify for up to 13% credit. 

Need help with a safety program? Our Safety & Risk Management team has 140+ years combined experience with expertise across industries. They are available to help policyholders develop and establish workplace programs and can provide on-site inspections, trainings and other consultations.  

Contact Safety & Risk Management:, (808) 524-3642.

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