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HEMIC Workers' Compensation

HEMIC Board Declares $1 Million Dividend

HEMIC has returned policyholder dividends for 15 consecutive years.

HONOLULU, HAWAIʻI —The Board of Directors of Hawaii Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company, Inc. (HEMIC) has declared a $1 million dividend payable to qualifying policyholders. Since 2007, HEMIC’s Board has declared dividends each year and, with this declaration, will have returned over$42 million to Hawai`i policyholders. In just the last 2 years, HEMIC has returned $5.5 million to policyholders in dividends and premium relief, helping their customers outlast a worldwide pandemic and the resulting economic impact on Hawai`i.

“HEMIC’s operating results have also been negatively impacted by COVID, but we remain committed to paying a dividend to our policyholders,” said HEMIC Chief Executive Officer, Martin Welch. “We look forward to continuing to support our policyholders in 2022 and keeping our financial promises to them in the future.”

As a mutual insurance company, HEMIC is owned and governed by their policyholders.

Said Jason Yoshimi, HEMIC President and CFO, “Being a mutual company makes us unique. Through our conservative, disciplined and diversified capital management strategy, we are steadfast in our promise to our policyholders to be here for them now and forever.”

To qualify for a dividend, policyholders must be insured with HEMIC for more than one consecutive policy term and demonstrate a commitment to safety. HEMIC is the largest writer of workers’ compensation. While the law does not allow any insurance company to guarantee future dividends, HEMIC’s Board of Directors views the payout of dividends as an important goal for the company.

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