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TDI for New Mothers

Maternity TDI Program: Lump-sum & Traditional Benefit Payments

EPIC’s Maternity Program

Designed to support new mothers when they need it most.

When expecting a child, planning for maternity leave is often a balancing act. EPIC offers new mothers two options for benefit payments, tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

  • Lump-sum benefit payment: Receive a one-time payment of all benefits upfront, enabling greater financial flexibility and control over how expenses are handled during maternity leave.

  • Traditional benefit payments: Receive benefits in weekly installments, providing a steady stream of income to help budget and manage finances during maternity leave.

At EPIC, we empower new mothers to make informed choices about their maternity leave, providing them with the flexibility, control, and reliable support to confidently navigate this transformative chapter of life.

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