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Aloha Is a Spirit That Brings Us Together


This Kamehameha Day, we wish to share with you a meaningful and new ad that speaks about our islands, a unique and very special place that we call home. It is focused on Kuleana and the Aloha Spirit, which are the lifeblood of our community. You will find vibrant scenes that capture our traditions and rich culture, expressing Aloha as a way of life.

The timing of this ad is intentional. We believe that living the spirit of Aloha, especially now, considering all that our community has been facing, is more important than ever. Hawai`i is our home – the beautiful community that exudes resilience and one that we, at HEMIC, are proud to serve and protect.

We hope you will enjoy this ad and find it as meaningful as we do.

Mahalo for your partnership,

Tammy Teixeira
SVP, Business Development & Customer Experience
President, Subsidiary Companies 

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