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Occupational Medicine

For workplace injuries, specialists in Occupational Medicine can often be the best choice for injured employees. For both the employer and the injured employee, a sound OccMed program can provide great benefits in terms of rapid recovery and timely return to work.

Every employee has the right to choose his or her own medical provider in the event of an injury or workplace-related illness, and may choose an OccMed program offered by their employer regardless of their regular health care provider. Of course, the best time to choose a medical provider for work-related injuries is before an accident occurs.


Medical Providers

Several health care providers in Hawaii now offer OccMed programs. Many providers offer programs to help prevent injuries and promote safety, as well as to provide timely and appropriate treatment. Please see the listings, below.

HEMIC also maintains a list of preferred medical providers in specialty areas such as cardiology, neurology, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, psychology, psychiatry and other areas. For information about these providers, contact Lisa Lee at 808-208-8307.