The Claim Process icon-pencil

At HEMIC, we know that employees need to be healthy, businesses need to be productive, and medical providers need to be free from needless paperwork.

For Agents

Please encourage your clients to submit the WC-1 directly to HEMIC within 24 hours of a workplace injury.  Refer to employer link on how to report a claim for instructions.

However, if you receive the WC-1 from an employer, please forward it to us right away. We want workers to receive prompt, proper medical treatment and timely payment of their wage loss benefits. The sooner we know an injury has occurred, the faster we can get involved and help.

When a worker is injured, encourage the employer to implement a Return to Work Program – this will help to better contain the overall costs of the claim.

HEMIC’s Claim Specialists are dedicated experts, looking out for both workers and their employers. We take pride in ensuring that all claims are resolved as accurately and timely as possible.

If you are injured on the job…

Step 1

Report workplace injuries to your employer immediately.

Step 2

Seek medical treatment from your medical provider or closest emergency room.

Step 3

Your employer will complete a WC-1 Emloyer’s Report and send it to HEMIC within 24 hours.

Step 4

Within 24 hours after receipt of the WC-1, an assigned Claim Specialist from HEMIC will contact you to discuss the workplace injury.